RISC OS Widget Set

Rather crappy documentation

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-- Iain M. Banks, "Cleaning up"

ROWS is really now part of impulse-core. But, as it would be far, far, far too much work for pooroleme to actually rename the website to reflect this, I'm telling you now. The name change reflects the more general purpose slant of the libraries (that is, ROWS was never intended to support Unicode or any of that other stuff itself. The impulse_* libraries do that)

ROWS is variously the 'RISC OS Widget Set' (in deference to its original goals) or the 'Rather Ordinary Widget Set' (in deference to the vast number of widget sets there are to choose from). It is intended to be a core component of the Impulse project. It's main features are (in order of importance) portability, flexibility and ease of use. As I write this, it is also utterly useless for most tasks, but growing every day.

This web site was moved from DCS at warwick because I wanted my quota back... Parts of it are out of date, irrelevant or just plain wrong at present. But, I'm working to update things as we speak (er, maybe, as we transmit). New snapshots of ROWS are uploaded at least weekly (and all have version 0.1.0 because I've got better things to do than change version numbers), and hopefully this site will update to something a bit more relevant as time progresses. The todo list is kept up to date now, at least ;-) (See to find out how I do this...)

Initialising ROWS
About widgets
Widget hierarchy
Downloading ROWS
Example documentation page
ROWS coding conventions
The ROWS abstraction interface
ROWS communication method proposal
Why on Earth write yet another widget set?
What does ROWS do that widget set X doesn't?
ROWS todo list
Documentation (currently a bit sparse)
Some information on the ROWS device independant bitmap structure
Some screenshots (!)