Initialising ROWS

This has changed slightly recently. As some systems do not use a main() functions (for example Windows with its WinMain function), your main function should now be impulse_main() - the main difference between this and the usual function is that libImpLib is already initialised for you, and the arguments are now Unicode. The first function you should call in impulse_main() is ROWS_initialise() to start everything going.

Commandline parsing used to be done by ROWS_commandline. With the redesign into seperate libraries, this is no longer appropriate, so now you should call impulse_commandline()...

Once ROWS_initialise has been called, you can create widgets, show windows and communicate with the rest of the world using ROWS. Once things are set up to your satisfaction, calling ROWS_main() will cause your application to enter an event loop, which only terminates when ROWS_quit() is called.